Beba Blanche, Femme Fatale of Greek Popular Music in the 60s, Dies at 73

Legendary singer Beba Blanche died aged 73 on Thursday morning. Born Angeliki Konstantopoulou the singer was suffering from severe anemia and was hospitalized since November.

The “singer with the velvet voice” was born in Athens on June 21, 1944.

She was discovered by legendary musician Giorgos Zampetas in 1964. It is said that he was captivated not only by her sensual presence, but also by her mysterious, smooth voice, a voice which had a kind of metallic, erotic color.

Zampetas composed 12 songs for an album, and along with the Beba Blanche recording career, they were singing together in a night club.

Beba Blanche achieved fame with her two big hits “Mias pentaras niata” and “The Ship”.

With her sexy appearance and explosive temper,  she captivated her male audience.

Beba Blanche had collaborated with Marinella, Stratos Dionysiou, Yiannis Poulopoulos and important composers such as Giorgos Mitsakis, Yiannis Karabessinis and Yiannis Spanos.


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