Ten Candidates in the Race for the Leadership of the Greek Centre-Left

Ten candidates have registered for the election for the leadership of the centre-left in Greece as the deadline expired on Friday evening.

The first round of elections is set to be held on November 5, while a runoff vote has been scheduled a week later.

The new party aspires to occupy the political space between ruling SYRIZA and the conservative New Democracy opposition.

The candidates are:

  • Fofi Genimata, PASOK leader
  • Giorgos Kaminis, Mayor of Athens
  • Stavros Theodorakis, To Potami leader
  • Odysseas Constantinopoulos, PASOK MP
  • Yiannis Maniatis, PASOK MP and former minister
  • Yiannis Ragousis, former PASOK minister
  • Nikos Androulakis, PASOK MEP
  • Apostolos Pontas, leader of the Union of Democratic National Reform movement (EDEM)
  • Constantinos Gatsios, former dean of the Athens University of Economics and Business
  • Dimitris Tziolis, entrepreneur


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