Goodbye and Good Riddance to Eldorado Gold Says Tsipras’ Advisor

In a statement on social media, a close advisor to PM Alexis Tsipras said good riddance to Eldorado Gold, after the company decided to suspend its investment in Greece.

Nikos Karanikas, the advisor for strategic planning for the PM’s office, advised people & activists in Halkidiki; the area that Eldorado has been operating in, to take to the streets so as to get today’s results.

On his personal Facebook page, he claimed that the Canadian company has polluted the environment, destroyed the forest and undermined human relationships by ‘bribing people’s conscience’.

Karanikas deleted the post after it caused an uproar on social media.

Users in Facebook and Twitter claim that his views contradict Tsipras’ declarations that Greece is a friendly country to foreign investors.

Some also point out the apparent hypocrisy in the government.

Karanikas post follows: