Survey: Athens is the Most Stressful City in the EU

Its inhabitants know this for a fact, but now it’s official – the Greek capital is the most stressful city in the EU, according to a survey conducted by international cleaning services, Zipjet.

The survey examined the overall mental health in big cities, and then considered all of the major stress-inducing factors, including unemployment, debt per capita, traffic, public transport, security, pollution and density.

It has also considered elements such as lack of sunshine hours, which has been linked to poor mental health – a non issue for Greek cities.

According to the results, Athens ranked in No. 121 (among 150) of the least stressful cities in the world. That makes it the most stressful one in the European Union, and just third in the whole of Europe, behind Moscow and Istanbul.

Understandably, Iraq’s Baghdad was ranked at the bottom of the list, being the most stressful city in the world, given the daily turmoil in its streets.

“Mental health problems are on the rise worldwide, with stress being a trigger and contributing factor towards this increase. We hope that by pinpointing how the least stressful cities are managing this issue, those cities struggling with a stressed out population can overcome it,” Managing Director of Zipjet, Florian Färber said.


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