Ankara Demands the Arrest of Anarchists that Vandalized Turkish Airlines Office in Athens

Ankara condemned an attack that took place on Wednesday morning against the office of Turkish Airlines in Athens, that was staged by the anarchist group Ruvikonas (Greek for Rubicon)

“We condemn the attack perpetrated against the office of Turkish Airlines in Athens this morning, which caused material damage,” read a written statement issued by the Foreign Ministry of Turkey, on Sept. 13.

“It has been reported by the Greek police that an anarchist group called ‘Rouvikonas’ (Rubicon) has claimed responsibility for the attack. The same group also perpetrated attacks against our embassy in Athens on July 26, 2016, and against our Consulate General in Komotini on Feb. 5, 2017,” said the statement.

The ministry also expressed Ankara’s expectation, “that the perpetrators of these acts against Turkish representations in Greece, be arrested and brought to justice as soon as possible.”

The group initially attempted to force its way into the office, but only managed to damage the glass door after failing to do so.

Nobody was inside the office at the time of the attack, which occurred outside of office working hours.