Santorini Mayor Appeals to Locals to ‘Adopt a Teacher’ as Cost of Living Rockets

The mayor of the cosmopolitan island of Santorini, has appealed to local residents to adopt a teacher, as renting an apartment on the island has become prohibitively expensive.

Nikos Zorzos responded to press reports that young teachers posted in schools in Santorini and Mykonos, were unable to meet the renting costs for a small flat, and some were sleeping on the beach.

According to the same reports, the rent for a small apartment in Santorini and Mykonos can reach the astronomical amount of 700 euros per month, impossible to be met by most Greeks, let alone low-payed teachers.

“We are in a constant search for housing for the teachers,” said Zorzos.

“There are no houses, we are at a dead end. I appeal to the inhabitants to ‘adopt a teacher’ for a while,” he added.

The mayor of Mykonos, Constantinos Koukas, dismissed reports that some teachers ended up sleeping on the beaches, and the streets of the island.

He acknowledged however, the “unbearable problem” faced by teachers regarding rising living costs, considering the reductions made to their salaries over the past several years.


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