Greek 16-Year-Old Comes in 3rd in International Microsoft Competition

Greek 16-year-old Kyriakos Chatziefthymiadis, took home third place among 567,000 other participants, in the International Microsoft Office Specialist Competition of 2017.

Students between the ages of 13-22 from 122 countries competed in the annual global event.

“It was the best day of my life”, Chatziefthymiadis said to public broadcaster ERT.  The young Microsoft Office expert won a trip to Disneyland, a cash prize, and more importantly, the opportunity for a  brilliant career.

“I always thought that I want to visit America and Disneyland by the time I am 30 or 40. Imagine my excitement when I found out that I can do that at 16,” the teenager said.

Two more Greek students that were among the winners are, 14 year old Tassos Melas; who won 16th place in Powerpoint skills, and Giota Botou who came in 30th, in Microsoft Word expertise.




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