Spectacular Air Show Thrills Crowds in Greece (video)

Thousands of spectators gathered near the Tanagra air base, north of Athens, to watch spectacular aerobatic displays during the 6th Athens Flying Week aviation event.

Top aviation teams from around the world demonstrated their flight skills, leaving crowds opened mouthed with awe.

One of the highlights of the show, was Britain’s famous Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows.

“I have had a fantastic career. So far I’ve been involved with over 630 displays with the team and I’ve been to 46 countries in one of these red aircrafts,” said Squadron Leader Mike Ling.

“We love coming here to Greece, we train here in Greece every year,” he added.

The Egyptian Air Force’s display team, the ‘‘Silver Stars’‘ was another highlight, as were the Zeus F-16 Greek acrobatic team and the T-6 Daedalus squadron.

A mixed formation of Mirage 2000s and F-16s engaged some incredible low flight mock dog fights, as well as low pass flights and rapid ascents, which also left spectators amazed, while the fire-fighters’ plane squadron put on a demonstration of how to contain and extinguish fires.


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