Greek Police Arrest Underage Gang Who were Robbing Minors

Hellenic Police (ELAS) have dismantled a gang of minors, who were robbing other minors in the Athens subway.

Police officers of the DIAS unit arrested three Greek nationals – with two minors among them – and a 23-year-old Afghan national who was the receiver of the stolen goods.  The arrests were made at the Maroussi subway station.

Police investigations show that the perpetrators were operating for six months, committing robberies on subway platforms of fixed-track media stations.

The teenage robbers were approaching young people pretending they wanted to know what kind of cellphone they were carrying.  If the cellphone of the victim was of value, the robbers threatened them with physical violence, or produced knives to remove cellphones, money or other valuables.  In cases where the victims resisted, the perpetrators used force on their victims.

After stealing the valuables, they would hand them over immediately to the 23-year-old Afghan, and receive 50 euros in return.

Upon arrest, police seized two mobile phones, one gold chain and 13 euros in cash in the minors’ possession.

After searching the house of the Afghan receiver of stolen goods, police seized:

The sum of 1,250 euros
The amount of 25 U.S. dollars
The amount of 50 Czech crowns
The amount of 10 Russian rubles
The amount of 10 FYROM dinars
3 cellphones
1 tablet
1 iPad
2 powerbank devices
1 camera
numerous SIM cards
9 watches
various jewelry
2 knives

The detainees were taken to the Prosecutor’s Office in Athens, who then referred them to the Investigator.


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