New Bill Proposed in Greek House would Allow a Person to Change Gender Identity Based on Feeling

The Bill on the Legal Recognition of Gender Identity and the National Mechanism for the Preparation, Monitoring and Evaluation of Action Plans for Children’s Rights have been submitted to the House.

With the new bill, a person, regardless of age, will have the right to change their gender identity based on the way they feel. The thinking behind the proposed bill is that the gender each person chooses to declare is an element of their personality.

More specifically, the bill says, “gender identity means the personal way in which a person experiences his or her sex, irrespective of the sex registered on their birth certificate on the basis of his/her biological characteristics, including the personal perception of the body, as well as the social and external expression of gender, which corresponds to the will of the person.”

According to the proposed bill, “it is stipulated that in the event of a gender identity disagreement, the person may request correction of their registered sex so that it corresponds to the will, the personal sensation of the body and the appearance of the person. The conditions and procedures for the correction of registered sex, can be determined by a court order and without any prior medical treatment or intervention.” It is noted that a person can change the sex on their birth certificate only once.




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