First Edipsos Multisport and Wellness Festival to Take Place Sept. 29-Oct. 1

A three-day, action packed festival in the waves and beaches of the hospitable Edipsos, in Euboea, which will be featuring exciting sports and wellness activities (yoga, reflexology, stretching), debuts on September 29, and runs through October 1st.

The Edipsos Multisport & Wellness Festival is a combination of effort and endurance, with the spirit and body calmness, and the smooth and natural restoration provided by the medicinal waters of Edipsos, where the refreshing springs make the event a truly unique experience.

It is the first time that an outdoor sports event in a physical sporting area is combined with the benefits of the thermal waters to the immediate restoration of every athlete.

Open Sea Swimming Contests; a Semi-Marathon; Offshore Walking; Cycling; Yoga; Experiential Seminars; Speeches; Children’s Games; and other activities on a wonderful beach in North Euboea make the Multisport and Wellness Festival an event that is likely here to stay.