In Search of the Biggest Gyros Pita in Greece

Bigger is better, especially when it comes to a warm, tasty pita filled with succulent meat with all the trimmings.  We are talking, of course, about grills that serve the largest gyros pita in Greece.  Or pitogyro as many Greeks call it.

Some establishments offer more meat, while others put a whole side order of french fries inside the pita along with the meat.  Others put different sauces, besides than the traditional tzatziki, and yes, you can have just one.

Gyrogonia in Heraklion and Chania in Crete, are famous for their BIG pita with gyros.  So is the Babachika in Xirokrini of Thessaloniki, and babachika in northern Greece means big. Enough said.

O Karvouniaris (which means covered in charcoal dust) is a tavern in Ampelokipi, Athens, and all meats are cooked on charcoal.  Nearby in the Zografou neighborhood, is O Kalos Lykos (the good wolf), strictly for meat lovers.

Kalamia in Drama, northern Greece, serves pita with a whole order of fries.  Prassas in Thessaloniki also serves them big and tasty, after all, city residents are known for their picky palate.

In Vlachoi in Ioannina, you need to use both hands to manage the stuffed-to-the-brim pita. The same happens at 4 Adelfia (4 brothers), in Heraklion, Crete.

In south Heraklion you will also find Bournelis, who stuffs them big. In competition with other grills in Heraklion, at Leoforos (avenue) they also believe that bigger is better.

Finally, Giotis in Thessaloniki and Savvas in Athens can serve them big too; with the latter being in the most touristy part of the capital.