Qatari Investors File Charges Against Everyone Responsible for Fires on Zakynthos

Qatari investment company PIMANA S.A., a subsidiary of state-owned Al Rayyan, filed charges against everyone responsible for the fires on Zakynthos that have destroyed thousands of acres of forest land.

As stated in the lawsuit, “The fires freeze any investment effort since the land that has been purchased by the Al Rayyan Group will be proclaimed as land for reforestation and no commercial development will be possible. The land which is 100% owned by the state of Qatar and was purchased in 2014 an area of ​​14,250 acres to the northwest of the island for the purpose of tourist facilities development.”

In the allegations made by the company lawyers, it is stressed that “in addition to the painful destruction of the forest wealth of Zakynthos, at the same time the legal capacity of the company to go ahead with the tourist development of the area is diminished, and consequently the economy of the island will be hurt as well, along with the overall investment activity in Greece.

The company lawyers also note that “the company is willing to assist in the investigations by the Justice Ministry and the Law Enforcement Authorities so that the perpetrators of these crimes can be identified, arrested and punished as soon as possible”.


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