Greek Government Blasts ‘Deliberate Obstruction’ of Hellinikon Investment

The government will not tolerate deliberate delays in investments, sources from the prime minister’s office said on Wednesday, commenting on the stalled investment at the old Athens airport.

“The Greek government gives the necessary time and space to the institutions and public administration to operate according to the law in all cases. However, this does not mean that it will accept any deliberate obstruction that would call into question its stated will and its determination to complete the investment in Hellinikon,” the sources said.

For the second time on Wednesday, the Central Archaeological Council (KAS), postponed the decision on whether to approve the development plan and environmental impact study of the investment in order to discuss it, along with the issue of whether to have a significant section of the site declared an area of archaeological interest.

The discussion will continue next Tuesday (Oct. 3).

Source: ANA-MPA


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