Aegean Islands have Reached Boiling Point Warns Regional Governor

The North Aegean regional governor warned that violence could erupt in the overcrowded hot-spots of Lesvos, Chios and Samos.

Speaking on Monday to SKAI radio, Christiana Kalogirou said that the islands are in desperate situation following the surge in migrant arrivals from neighboring Turkey in recent months.

She said that “we may face outbursts of violence as we had in the past”.

Kalogirou stressed that the flow of migrants and refugees in northern Aegean islands has recently doubled over the same period last year.

She noted that there were 3,918 arrivals in the month of September, when in the same month of last year the arrivals were 2,000.

The “day-to-day situation becomes more difficult…This coming winter will be extremely tough for all”, she said.

On Sunday, Minister of Immigration Yiannis Balafas announced that he is considering leasing ships to accommodate migrants and asylum seekers.

“We are worried about the increased flows and we are taking action,” he said, noting that the situation has deteriorated compared to two months ago.



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