Environmental Groups Create New Obstacles in Hellinikon Development Project

    Two environmental groups have created new obstacles in the Hellinikon development project, after their appeal to the Council of State.

    The eco groups claim that most of the area of the former Athens airport, specifically 6,168,759 square meters, are under the provisions of forestry legislation. The appeal to Greece’s highest administrative court might take the case to the Court of Justice in order to resolve the issues raised by the appeal.

    Legal and judicial circles have pointed to the time lag in resolving the pending issues that have hitherto blocked the investment in Hellinikon, but they have emphasized that it will now depend on the justice system if these appeals are adjudicated as soon as possible, and decisions are taken within a reasonable time.

    In particular, the Panhellenic Network of Ecological Organizations and the Ecological Cooperation appeals are directed against the Decentralized Administration of Attica and the Forestry Chief of Piraeus. They have requested that the petition for annulment be discussed before the plenary session of the Council of State.

    The ecological associations claim that the contested decisions are unconstitutional, unlawful and voidable, as the process of posting and sanctioning the forest map of the area in question has been stopped.


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