Greek Businessman Returns to Work a Day after 6-Month Kidnapping Ordeal Ends

Michalis Lempidakis turned up to work in his plastics factory in Crete, only a day after police freed him from his kidnappers.

The 54-year-old businessman, who spent six months in captivity, seemed in good spirits as he chatted to employees of Plastics Crete near Heraklion, where he is managing director.

He told the crowd of well-wishers gathered to greet him, that the worst part of his ordeal was mental rather than psychical. “My mind is more tired than by body,” he said.

“I lived through six nightmarish months, but I feel stronger now that I am back here,” he added.

Lempidakis thanked the police that succeeded in freeing him.

“A big thank you to the police who worked methodically and in extreme secrecy,” he said.

Chained like a dog

Earlier, Lempidakis told police details of his captivity.

According to reports, he said that he was moved to six different hideouts during the last six months.

He was always chained, either in the hand or in the leg, “like a dog”.

They did not practice violence, but they always threatened that he would have a “terrible end.”

Suspects arrested

In the meantime, police are continuing the investigations on the kidnapping.

Eight people have been arrested so far in connection with the kidnapping, including a 45-year-old man, who was recently accused of firebombing an office of ruling SYRIZA, and of  attacking a bailiff carrying out a property seizure.

The kidnappers had demanded ransom, but the Greek deputy minister of Public order said on Monday that no ransom was paid.

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