President Pavlopoulos: Greece Will Help Serbia in its European Path

Greece will help Serbia in its European path but no other countries in the Balkans that do not fulfill the necessary criteria, President Prokopis Pavlopoulos said on Monday during an official dinner in his honour, held by the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, in Belgrade.

Pavlopoulos said Greece will not allow the Balkans to become Europe’s “problem child”, and called on FYROM and Albania to abandon irredentist policies and follow the European acquis and law.

“As we have made clear, Greece supports Serbia’s European prospects through its own accession process. And let’s not forget that this process started in 2014, during the Greek Presidency. We are particularly pleased that Serbia has already opened ten major chapters in the context of Serbia’s accession process, which demonstrates Serbia’s consistency with its goal to become a full EU member,” he said.

Pavlopoulos noted that all countries in the Balkans have a place in the European Union under the condition that they fully respect international and European law.

“We Greeks believe, deeply believe in the need for European completion through integration and we fight with all our might for this,” he added.

Source: ANA-MPA