Greek Telecom Watchdog to Launch Public Consultation on Internet Regulation

Greek telecommunications authority EETT plan to launch a public consultation by 4 December on the draft measures to regulate and specify issues related to access to the open internet, in accordance with the European regulatory framework.

In particular, the EETT measures plan sets out the framework for informing subscribers on the actual internet speeds they have, and defines their rights for reparations or indemnities in case of discrepancies between the actual connection quality and the nominal mentioned in the contract.

Also, it deals with the issues related to the application of traffic management practices, the provision of specialised services such as the growing IPTV section, as well as the discreet pricing of specialised content by internet access providers.

With the telecom market rapidly expanding and issues such as low internet speed and overpriced IPTV packages, regulation is a crucial necessity, long overdue in Greece.


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