Holy Fury at SYRIZA Gender Bill: ‘Undermines the Sacred Institution of Family’

“This is the ultimate appeal to the political world as a whole to assume their responsibilities and withdraw the bill,” said Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Ieronymos.

The Holy Synod of the Hierarchy of the Church of Greece, which was chaired by Archbishop Ieronymos, decided against a new bill tabled giving individuals over the age of 15 the right to change their gender identification based on how they feel.

“The proposed bill provokes Greek society and undermines the sacred institution of the family”, the Holy Synod announced and calls on all politicians to withdraw the bill and focus on solving other serious problems that plague Greek society.

The Holy Synod argues that the sex of a person is sacred and is the basis of the mystery of life and love. In this sense, it is a divine gift to man and woman who must use it for their sanctification.

The announcement further says that the existing laws of the State cover all cases of sex change and gender should not be altered at will, but on the basis of anatomical, physiological and biological characteristics. Those are the factors that define the identity of a person and are assured by medical reports to the court.

The new bill; the official statement continues, increases confusion and mental disorders instead of diminishing them. Especially when people who change their gender identity could still be in school.

Finally; the statement says, the need for identity and social coherence is absolutely necessary at a time when the nation is in crisis. The Church encompasses all people in love and understanding indiscriminately, but is always looking for their salvation. In that respect, the Church must notify people about possible mistakes in such crucial decisions, the announcement concludes.

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