School Principals Charged for Receiving Refugee Children with Insufficient Documentation

Three school principals and a teacher who received refugee children at their schools last year were charged by the Piraeus Prosecutor for doing so without sufficient documentation and health records.

Specifically, two teachers of the 5th Elementary School of Keratsini, one being the school principal, the principal of the Neo Ikonio Primary School and the principal of the respective Kindergarten were summoned at the Piraeus Prosecutor’s Office, facing a number of charges related to last year’s afternoon classes for refugee children who live in refugee camps.

In the Keratsini case, the prosecutor acted after an anonymous complaint. In the case of Ikonio, the complaint was lodged by the Boards of the Parents Unions of the primary school and the kindergarten.

The complaints said that the two schools accepted the children without proper documentation and without health books, with the claim that the refugee children were not vaccinated and parents were wary of their children’s health.

The two schools were chosen by the Ministry of Education and about 60 refugee children were attending afternoon classes, about 30 in each unit. The school principals said they acted according to Greek law and all international conventions, and all children had proper documentation.