Tsipras Preparing for Oct. 17 Meeting with Trump in the White House

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ staff is getting him ready to go to Washington for his meeting with US President Donald Trump in the White House, on October 17.

The PM and the new American president are expected to discuss regional security, defense and terrorism, as well as the issue of the Souda naval base on Crete.

The two leaders are set to also focus on bilateral issues, the refugee crisis as well as investments and collaborations in the field of energy.

On his trip to the US, the prime minister will be accompanied by Foreign minister Nikos Kotzias, Defence minister and junior government coalition partner Panos Kammenos, minister for Digital Policies, Nikos Pappas and Finance minister Dimitris Papadimitriou.

The PM will have a series of visits and meetings between Oct. 14 – 18, starting with a trip to Chicago, where he will meet with American businessmen, government officials and members of the Greek-American community in the city.

Before his meeting with president Trump, Alexis Tsipras will meet with vice-president Mike Pence. Another much-anticipated meeting with IMF president Christine Lagarde has also been confirmed to take place in Washington DC.

Greece’s major geopolitical role has led to increased interest by the US government as demonstrated by the fact that Tsipras is the only Greek head of state to have met two US presidents in less than a year.

The Greek prime minister met with former US President Barak Obama in November 2016, just two months before he was out of office.


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