Outcry in Greece over Brutal Racist Attack on Pakistani Immigrants

Political parties have condemned the violent assault against two Pakistani immigrants in Aspropyrgos, Attica on Saturday.

In a statement, ruling party SYRIZA says that the attack “is adding to a series of violent and racist attacks in the region. Photographs of the victims are revealing the horrific face of fascism that sows terror in Aspropyrgos.”

“We stand by the immigrants’ side and we will not allow racist hatred poison our neighborhoods,” the statement continues. “No tolerance to racism and fascism. The perpetrators must be identified and arrested immediately. Negligence will not be justified.” it concludes.

On her part, PASOK chairman and head of the Democratic Coalition Fofi Gennimata stressed that “the images of the blooded immigrants in Aspropyrgos are all shocking to us.”

“The monster of racism is alive and provoking. But our democracy is strong, and the defense of the human rights of all citizens, without exception, is unchangeable,” she continued, calling on the government “to do its duty before we mourn more human lives.”

“The perpetrators and organizers of the attacks must be arrested and brought to justice,” Gennimata concluded.

The Greek Communist Party denounced the act as “the new assassination attempt by the Golden Dawn Nazi criminals against immigrant workers in the Aspropyrgos area.”

“Once again, we witness the hatred of Golden Dawn members against workers, Greeks and immigrants. At the same time they are backing bosses and big economic interests, who want workers to be modern slaves,” the statement says.

“The people and workers need to condemn such actions and isolate Golden Dawn and those who nurture them,” the statement concludes.


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