Abducted 4-year-old Marie-Eleni Set to Return to Cyprus

Marie-Eleni, the 4 year old who was abducted by her father last April in Nicosia, is in the hands of the Norwegian authorities in good health.

Laris Vrachimis; the lawyer representing the mother of the abducted child, said that the news about the arrest of father Torkel Grimsrund came early on Monday afternoon. The mother is now en route to Norway to take back her daughter he said, adding that authorities say she is in good health.

Marie-Eleni was abducted outside her kindergarten in Dasoupoli, Nicosia, after a custody battle between her parents. Her father’s lawyer said later that the girl had been taken by Grimsrud himself.

The case made headlines in Cyprus. A solidarity movement to the girl’s mother demanded the return of Marie-Eleni to Nicosia.

The whereabouts of the father and child had been unknown since the abduction. A European and international arrest warrant was issued for Grimsrud in May.

In May, the Norwegian supreme court rejected another appeal for custody filed by Grimsrud, on the grounds that the girl’s country of residence had never been Norway, and he needed to file the appeal in Cyprus.

In August, an Oslo court ordered the immediate return of four-year-old Marie Eleni to her mother.


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