Relief for all Internet Users: Google Translates ‘Greeklish’ into Greek

Google has decided to put an end to the vandalization of the Greek language by introducing a service that automatically converts “greeklish” into Greek.

Greeklish is the Greek language written using the Latin alphabet.

It was commonly used on the Internet when Greek people would communicate by forum, e-mail, IRC, instant messaging and occasionally on SMS, mainly because older operating systems did not have the ability to write in Greek, or in a unicode form like UTF-8.

Nowadays since most Greek language content appears in the Greek alphabet, the use of greeklish is at least irritating for other users and many see it as disrespectful of the Greek language.

Experts say that greeklish is mainly used by young people whose Greek grammar and spelling is inadequate or are simply too lazy to change the keyboard from English into Greek.

Google has decided to act and has created the Gboard application; a mobile and tablet application that automatically converts greeklish into Greek.

It is available on android mobile, and anyone can download it for free on their mobile or tablet from Google Play, and automatically convert greeklish into Greek.