Almost 3 out of 4 Greeks Oppose Sex Change at 15 – Poll

Almost 72% of respondents to a survey express their opposition to the new law allowing people from the age of 15 to change their gender identity.

According to the MRB poll, conducted between 6 and 9 October before the approval by Parliament of the controversial bill, the majority are in favour of gender identity change, but only from the age of 18.

58.6% believe that individuals over 18 should be legally allowed to change their gender, with only 39.3% against.

However, when asked whether they agree with the new law that establishes the minimum age at 15, the negative response is overwhelming.

71.7% replied that they definitely/rather disagree, compared to just 26.7% who say that they definitely/rather agree.

The overwhelming majority of respondents also disagreed with the timing of the legislative initiative by the SYRIZA-led government.