The Rise of Greek Small Breweries Celebrated in Athens Exhibition

An exhibition of small beer brewers is taking place in Athens over the weekend as the sector is on the rise in Greece.

Many well-known brands and several newcomers, take part in “Zythognosia” at Zappeion. They come from many different parts Greece; Kefalonia, Corfu, Central Greece, Evia, Chios, Rhodes, Santorini and Mykonos.

Zythognosia is geared toward beer fans, consumers and professionals and identifies itself as an exhibition of “Microbreweries and Premium Beers” with the aim of showcasing the small Greek breweries and all beer products of high quality that are available in the Greek market.

“For most people, beer is a can they buy at the kiosk. But there are flavors that one cannot imagine they exist. Flavors that will force you to enjoy beer in a different way”, says Dinos Stergidis from brewers Vinetum, the organizer of exhibition.

“In Greece the sector is still in its infancy but there is steady increase in the last few years”, says Stergidis.

“There are about 40 microbreweries, not all of them very good of course, but some are really very special”, he adds.

Beer has sparked the interest of many investors as is seen an easy and relatively cheap business opportunity.

“It is certainly easier to deal with beer than with wine and you can also start with less than 100,000 euros. Thus, we have cases of small breeders that started as amateur home brewers and evolved”, Stergidis says.

The growth of tourism will help the small brewer. “Tourists want to taste local beers, so some breweries are located on the Greek islands.”

As for the beer audience in Greece, “it is getting bigger. It is also more Dionysian. It does not stand so much in analyzing the product but in enjoying it,” Stergidis says.

(With information from Kathimerini)


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