Famous Lake of Kastoria is Drying Up (photos)

The beautiful lake of Kastoria in north-western Greece is drying up, local environmental groups warn.

The prolonged drought in Greece has dramatically affected the lake where the decrease in the water level is huge, they say.

Photos published by the local site aboutkastoria.gr, show that rocks that a few months ago were at the bottom of the lake, are now visible on the shore.

The eco groups of Kastoria say that the draught is affecting the entire ecosystem. Mute swans, wild ducks, herons and Dalmatian pelicans, as well as fish and other animals live in or around the lake.

The lake of Kastoria is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes not only of Greece, but also in the whole Balkan Peninsula and it has been listed as a Natural Monument of outstanding beauty by the Greek Ministry of Culture.

It is estimated that it was formed 10 million years ago; and that it has a surface of 28 km2 and is approximately 9 m deep.


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