Cholera Bacteria Detected in Maternity Hospital Food Warehouse in Athens

The Elena Venizelos Maternity Hospital in Athens has sealed its food storage room after bacteria of cholera was detected.

“The cholera bacteria was detected in the first water samples of the underground storage room of the Elena Venizelos hospital,” said the complaint issued by the  Panhellenic Federation of Public Hospital Employees (POEDIN), on Wednesday.

POEDIN raises serious concerns over the impact the Cholera bacteria may have on patients.

The hospital administration admitted that, “it was decided to seal the warehouse” and confirmed that water samples from the storage room were sent to the Central Public Health Laboratory (KEDY).

According to POEDIN, the Elena Venizelou employee union has been protesting for six months, asking for the immediate restoration of the warehouse.

The Ministry of Health issued an official statement saying:

“On 05-10-2017, the Public Health Inspectorate sent samples to the Microbiology Laboratory of the Hospital for samples collected from concentrated water in the dry food store located in the basement of Building A. The water leaked into the warehouse from the floor of the adjacent space of the electrical substation.

The help of the Microbiological Laboratory was requested for a first estimate of the microbiological composition of the sample. The laboratory, not competent for water control, did only qualitative cultivation, not quantitative, which takes place in the authorized centers (KEDY – Central Public Health Laboratory).

The Public Health Inspectorate, the Director of Medical Services, the Hospital Infections Committee and the Hospital Administration, were informed of the results, that potentially enteropathogenic microorganisms were found – on 13-10-2017, and decided to seal the warehouse.

Immediately, extraordinary assistance was requested from KEDY, which agreed to send a sample for full control. Results are expected on Friday, 20-10-2017. Until then, the site has been sealed and the Technical Service has taken over the problem of concentrated water by taking individual protective measures recommended by the Public Health Observatory and the Hospital Infections Committee.”


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