Gay Man in Rethymno, Crete Violently Beaten

A 30-year-old gay man was violently beaten by three perpetrators in Rethymno, Crete on Monday. The victim said he doesn’t know the three men, and believes it was a hate crime.

The man has been hospitalized with serious injuries, and medical staff at the Rethymno Hospital have treated him said that he needed eight sutures in the eyelid and cheekbones, and that he has two large hematomas in both eyes, and one eye is completely shut, due to bruises.

The victim and his friend gave a statement to the police, and described the perpetrators. Several suspects have been brought in for identification, and one of the assailants has been identified and is in custody. Authorities are still searching for the other two.

The 30-year-old man; who graduated from the University of Crete and is working in the tourism industry, said the attack was probably due to his sexual identity, because he didn’t know any of the perpetrators.

According to the victim; who spoke to the Cretan Review, the incident took place around 2.30 am on Monday. He and his friend were returning home, when they saw three men heading towards them. The assailants attacked both me, but his friend managed to escape. The 30-year-old victim said that he received several punches; all aimed at his face and head, and he believes the blows were intended to cause a lot more harm than they did.

The man; who is not from Crete, said he finished his Master’s degree in Rethymno, and therefore decided to stay and work there. He noted that many local youths don’t like people who are not from Crete and “different”, and attributes the attack to this kind of mentality.


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