Greek Opposition Leader Presents Reform Agenda to EU Officials

New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis outlined his vision for the Greek economy and the reforms needed, at a meeting with European Commissioners in Brussels, on Wednesday.

“I had the opportunity to discuss with a number of European Commissioners my plan for the future of Greece and the important reforms our country needs,” Mitsotakis said after the meeting.

He added that he focused his discussions on “investments that will create many and better jobs, linking education with the labour market and making public administration more effective for citizens.”

Sources close to the New Democracy leader say that Mitsotakis avoided any discussion on the policies pursued by Alexis Tsipras, and instead focused exclusively on his agenda.

They say that his presentation was well received by the EU officials. “New Democracy’s plan coincides with the priorities of the European Commission,” an aide said.

The same aide noted that the commissioners view Mitsotakis as the politician “who will win the next elections, and the one who has won the trust of the citizens without giving promises he cannot fulfill”.


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