Holy Fury at ‘Blasphemous’ Play in Thessaloniki (video)

Riot police intervened to break up an angry demonstration of monks, priests and other Orthodox Christians in Thessaloniki on Wednesday evening.

The demonstrators attempted to interrupt a play at the Aristoteleion Theatre, which they describe as blasphemous.

Wielding poles with Greek flags on them, some of the 100-strong crowd tried to break a police cordon. Police responded using their batons to push them away.

Chanting “Freemasons out of Greece!” they brandished religious banners and icons.

Protesters oppose the staging of “The Hour of the Devil,” an adaptation of a story by Portuguese author Fernando Pessoa about a discussion between a young woman and a personable devil.

Cast member Evgenia Samara voiced shock and surprise at the protest, while director Grigoris Apostolopoulos said the “symbolic” play speaks about good and evil in all humans.


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