Tourism Minister: It’s a Gov’t Success that Greeks Don’t Eat out of Garbage Cans

    A statement by Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura that it is the government’s success that Greeks don’t eat out of garbage cans anymore and a claim that new businesses open every day that has created a stir .

    Speaking on Skai television on Saturday, Kountoura was asked if she considers it is a government success that Greek people don’t look for food in the trash, like a SYRIZA MP had claimed earlier in the week. The minister replied that Greeks live with more dignity now because the government has brought economic growth.

    “There were people in 2014 who did not have to eat and ate out of garbage cans,” Kountoura said. “Yes, it is a success that this doesn’t happen now”.

    Furthermore, the tourism minister said that “no minister cut pensions, and no minister imposed new taxes.”

    Kountoura said that people congratulate the government for tidying things up and facing the big challenges with success. “People who suffered now have a plate of food to eat,” she said, adding that the government brings investments, distributes surpluses to the people and new businesses open every day.