First Student with Down Syndrome to Enter Greek University

Maria Nitsa is the first student with Down syndrome to pass the exams and enter a Greek university.

Nitsa, who also has diabetes, struggled for 12 years with mathematics, chemistry and ancient Greek, but finally managed to pass in the Kindergarten Department of the Pedagogic School in Florina, northern Greece, and make her dream come true.

The freshman student spoke about her efforts to SENTRA newspaper of Kastoria, saying she is proud to have finished high school and being able to pass the university entrance exams.

“I’ve been studying by myself all these years to get it done. I really wanted to go to this school because I love children,” she said.

Nitsa said that her favorite lesson at school was mathematics, but she chose the Kindergarten Department of the Pedagogic School, because of her love for children. She also thanked her teachers for their support.

A few days ago Nitsa went to Florina to see the school where she would spend the next 4 years of her life. “It was a very nice experience. I met fellow students and I attended a history lesson in the department”.


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