Greek Government Nominates minister Mouzalas as Human Rights Commissioner

The Greek government has announced the nomination of Migrant Policy Minister Yannis Mouzalas as EU Human Rights commissioner, a nomination with “high symbolism”, it notes.

According to the Foreign Ministry announcement, the Greek government considers this nomination highly symbolic, at a time Europe is facing an existential question: Will it remain a home for those struggling for freedom, or will it succumb to the rising tide of xenophobia and chauvinism?

It is also noted that having exhibited tangible evidence towards protecting peoples’ and minorities’ democratic rights, Greece considers the liberal and democratic signature of European policies to be the biggest stake of our times.

The Greek government considers Yannis Mouzalas’ choice as Human Rights commissioner to be a step in this direction. It adds that before entering politics, the minister was instrumental in fighting for human rights not just in Greece, but in Asia and Africa, as well.

The Foreign Ministry release also notes that as minister, Mouzalas was one of the lead characters dealing with the European refugee crisis, both effectively, and with an unwavering commitment to the international law and the protection of refugees’ rights.