One in Three Greeks Employed Part-Time in Private Sector Earns €394 a Month

Security fund data from January 2017 show that one in three Greeks working in the private sector earns on average €394.13 per  month and is working part-time.

Out of 1,751,949 registered employees in private companies, 554,769 of them (31.66%) work part-time, earning 23.74 euros per day, or 394.13 euros a month.

Full-time employees get an average daily wage of 51.47 euros per day or 1,203.98 euros per month on average.

The figures show that the number of insured employees for whom their employers pay contributions to security funds dropped by 5.14%.

Other data show that men account for 54.19% of insured persons in all businesses. Also 22.30% of insured persons are up to 29 years old and 54.35% up to 39 years old. The majority (73.43%) of all insured employees are aged 25 to 49, and 16.91% are aged 50 to 64.

Of the total number of insured persons, 23.14% are employed in the wholesale and retail trade, 14.33% in manufacturing and 13.37% in hotels and restaurants. Of those with Greek nationality, 23.6% are employed in the wholesale and retail trade. Of those who are nationals of another EU country, 23.15% are employed in hotels and restaurants.


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