Shipwreck Raised from the Bottom of the Aegean (photos)

On Monday, the company Megatugs & Smit, successfully completed the operation of raising the stern of the freighter “Cabrera”.

The freighter had run aground and had partially sunk in the sea north of the island of Andros in December 2016, due to severe weather conditions.

The stern of the ship; which is made of steel and which was situated at a depth of 35 metres, and 100 meters from the shore, was raised using a 2,400-tonne crane that was shipped over from the Netherlands, for this purpose.

Other parts of the ship will remain in the sea, as they are not considered dangerous for the environment.

The Antigua-Barbuda-flagged “Cabrera”;  which had set sail with a nine-member crew from Larymna, was heading for Torjo, Finland, loaded with ferronickel, but it ran aground on Christmas Eve 2016.

All crew members were rescued.

Photos from ANA-MPA


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