ND Chief Mitsotakis: “Society Demands Greece to be a Normal Country”

“Society demands that Greece becomes a normal country,” Kyriakos Mitsotakis said addressing the New Democracy Parliamentary Group on Wednesday, criticizing the SYRIZA-ANEL administration.

“(Greek) citizens are calling for political change and they want the SYRIZA-ANEL government to leave as soon as possible,” he said, calling Alexis Tsipras the “prime minister of lies” who propagates new myths about the primary surplus.

The ND chief said that Greek society can no longer stand army cadets being beaten up, every night being “a party with molotov cocktails”, and universities that have become “violence incubators”.

Regarding the economy, the conservative party leader said that with SYRIZA-ANEL in power, Greece cannot become a normal country when “the state owes citizens more than 6 billion euros”.

“Mr. Tsipras is the one who created the 360-euro generation. They blame austerity to cover their inability to govern,” Mitsotakis said, adding that Greece has the lowest growth rates across Europe and Mr. Tsipras makes the poor even poorer.

Mitsotakis said that it is a lie that Greece comes out of the memorandum in August 2018, when “Mr. Tsipras has committed the country to very high surpluses for many years.”

The ND chief criticized the promise given by SYRIZA that a social dividend will be given out when at the same time 300,000 retirees await their pensions.

“They have imposed measures of 15 billion euros and cheer on the possibility of returning 1/10, or 1.5 billion euros to society,” the ND chairman stressed.

Instead of the dividend, Mitsotakis suggested that the budget surplus should be given to the long-term unemployed and a rebate should be granted to those who paid the single property tax (ENFIA).

Moreover, Mitsotakis noted that Diaspora Greeks should be allowed to vote. It is the  minimum that the Greek state can do for these people,” he said.



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