Almost 800 Migrants Arrive in Greece in Five Days

File photo

A total of 778 migrants and refugees arrived on the islands of Lesvos and Chios from Thursday 19 October to Tuesday 24 October.

370 persons arrived on Lesvos and 408 on Chios while no arrivals were reported on the islands of Samos.

In the period between 1 to 24 October, 2,771 migrants and refugees arrived on the northern Aegean islands, said authorities.

In the same period, the Turkish Coast Guard announced that it intervened in 47 incidents involving 1,969 migrants and refugees and sent them back to Turkey.

On Monday 19 human rights and humanitarian aid organizations blasted Greece for the abysmal conditions migrants and refugees are forced to live in as winter sets in.

In an open letter to the Greek government, they called upon Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to end the Greek government’s “containment policy” of confining asylum seekers to the Aegean islands.


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