F-16 Demo Team Pilot Quotes Churchill During Air Demonstration

One of the most flattering Winston Churchill quotes for Greece was repeated today by an F-16 Greek Airforce pilot during airplane demonstrations for the national “OXI Day” celebrations in Thessaloniki.

After Greek forces resistance delayed the Nazi invasion in southern Europe, then British prime minister Winston Churchill was quoted as saying, “Hence we will not say that Greeks fight like heroes, but heroes fight like Greeks.”

This Churchill quote, extremely popular in Greece during “OXI Day” celebrations, was repeated by F-16 Squadron Leader Loukas Theoharopoulos from his airplane cockpit.

“Heroes fight like Greeks. Happy celebrations, Greece” said the F-16 Demo Team pilot to the ground control while executing flying manoeuvres in the Thessaloniki skies.

The message of the pilot from Limnos island was relayed live via microphone to officials watching the demonstrations, who applauded warmly.

The flying exercises were executed by the Single F-16 Airforce Demonstrations Team “Zeus” who have been performing these shows during national celebrations days and other Greek Airforce displays.


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