Russian Photo-Journalism Exhibition Opens in Athens

An international exhibition of photo-journalism opened October 26, at the Russian Cultural and Science Center in Athens.

The exhibition; bringing together iconic photos captured by photo-journalists from several countries, was organized by the Rossiya Segodnya International News Agency.

It was held in honor of Andrei Stenin; a Russian photojournalist, who was killed in August 2014 while covering the war in the Ukraine. Stenin was awarded Russia’s Order of Courage, after his death.

Officials from the Russian embassy, diplomats and politicians, the Head of ICRC Mission in Greece Sari Nissi, and the award-winning Greek photojournalist for 2017; Anna Pantelia, were present at the opening ceremony.

The event – an important event in the cultural life of the Greek capital – was also attended by Greek and Russian journalists and photographers, including representatives of the Panhellenic Federation of Photographers, UNESCO and Greek Museums and Galleries.

The exhibition at the Russian Cultural and Science Center will last until 2 November.


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