Thirteen Percentage Point Lead for New Democracy in New Poll

A new poll conducted by the Macedonia University (PAMAK) for SKAI TV, shows the opposition conservative New Democracy party leading SYRIZA by 13 percentage points, a steady margin lead.

New Democracy gets 31% of the vote, followed by SYRIZA with 18%, Golden Dawn with 7%, PASOK with 6.5%, the Communist Party with 5.5% and the Centrists Union with 3%. All other parties are below the 3% threshold needed to enter parliament.

There is a general sense (75.5%) that things are moving in the wrong direction for the country and that households finances will not be improving in the next 12 months (50%). Interestingly enough, only 16.5% of SYRIZA voters are satisfied with the coalition government.

New Democracy is expected to win the next elections by 65.5% of the voters, while its new leader, Kyriakos Mitsotakis is seen as most suitable for the PM’s position by 37%. Current PM Alexis Tsipras is considered suitable for his position by 22% of those polled.

The poll shows that 36% of those asked, wish for government centered around New Democracy, 23.5% would like a SYRIZA-led government and 30% have no opinion on the matter.

Finally, the PM’s trip to the US and his meeting with president Trump has caused a reverse in the traditional left-right position on the issue: 44.5% of left-wing SYRIZA voters see it as a success, while 56.9% of conservative New Democracy voters believe it wasn’t.

Still, 43% of those surveyed believe the US trip bolstered the prime minister’s profile at home and abroad.


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