Cyprus, Greece and Israel Seek Stronger Ties

The governments of Greece, Cyprus and Israel “have built bridges and laid the foundations for more important cooperation,” stated Greek Parliament President Nikos Voutsis on Thursday, addressing the Trilateral Meeting of the parliaments of the three countries that is taking place in Nicosia.

Voutsis referred to the Cyprus issue and to the Middle East, noting the need for cooperation in order for peace and stability to prevail in the wider region.

He also said that more and more initiatives are taken between countries, religious leaders or other groups, creating a web of relations that can guarantee a better future and “a different fate for our people and for the region.”

Voutsis urged all sides to work for peace, growth and stability in the region, asking everyone to assume their responsibilities.

On Cyprus he said that “we believe that a sustainable and fair solution for Cyprus based on UN Treaties should mature and it is necessary for the country to fully develop any potential prospects for bringing about such a solution.?

With respect to the Middle East and North Africa he noted that it was a much broader issue and highlighted Europe’s responsibilities for the state of the region, even though “in many countries the leadership is not aware that they have even the slightest responsibility…and raised their own standard of closed borders in the face of the major problem of refugee and migrant flows.”

Source: ANA-MPA


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