Greek Navy Frigate Runs Aground Near Psyttaleia Island

The Greek Navy Frigate Kanaris ran aground near Psyttaleia island in the Saronic Gulf early in the morning on Thursday; no injuries or serious damages reported.

The frigate was returning to the Salamis Naval Station when it became entangled in shallow waters on an Atalanti islet shore, near Psyttaleia island.

Despite the fact that the ship had been found in shallow waters, there was no water inflow or any leakage of fuel into the sea, and no crew injuries were reported.

In a statement, the Hellenic National Defence General Staff said: “In the morning hours of Thursday 02 November 2017, the KANARIS frigate became entangled to shallow waters on the islet of Atalanti in the Saronic Gulf when returning to the Salamis Naval Staion from planned activity.”

According to the statement, necessary actions have been taken to uncouple the ship, while the causes are still being investigated by the Navy.


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