Manhunt for Golden Dawn Official Suspected for Attack Against Lawyer

Police are searching for an official of the extreme-right Golden Dawn (GD) party, who is said to have been involved in the attack and injury of a lawyer and another two women near the Athens Court of Appeal, on Wednesday.

The suspect was recognized by Evgenia Kouniaki, the prosecution lawyer in the ongoing trial against Golden Dawn, who stated however that it was not him who punched her in the face.

Kouniaki also said she remembers the characteristics of the man who attacked her and could identify him if she saw him again.

Police have searched his house and venues he frequented.

According to a report by ANA-MPA, the suspect served in the past as GD leader Nikos Michaloliakos’ driver, and was an active party member.

On Wednesday, 25 GD members who had been brought in for questioning after the attack were later released from Security Police headquarters, as the victims failed to recognize them.