Captain of Greek Frigate Discharged over Saronic Gulf Fiasco

The Greek Navy has announced that both the governor and the shipping manager of the frigate “Kanaris” which ran aground, would be replaced.

The High Naval Command is in session and will be announcing the name of the frigate’s new governor later today.

Additionally, a Sworn Administrative Inquiry on the details of the fiasco and the parties responsible, has been launched.

The frigate “Kanaris” was detached from shallow waters by the Greek Navy where it ran aground on Thursday, near the islet Atalanti, in the Saronic Gulf.

After being towed away, the frigate sailed to the dockyard in Salamina, where it will undergo the necessary safety checks, the Navy said.

The incident took place as the frigate was returning from a scheduled operation to Salamina naval base. According to the General Staff, there were no injuries or any material damage, and no fuel appears to have been spilled.