Greece Calls on Turkey to Respect International Law After Turkish Criticism of Military Exercise in Rhodes

    Greece’s foreign ministry called on Turkey to respect international law after the latter criticized Greece for conduction of a joint military exercise with Egypt on the island of Rhodes.

    “It would be good if Turkey would finally decide and we hope it will do so to conduct itself on the basis of international legality and the principles of good neighbourly relations. Like every other sovereign state, Greece considers self-evident the right to take the necessary measures for the effective defence of its sovereignty and territorial integrity, based on the provisions of the Charter of the United Nations,” the ministry said.

    “Finally, we remind our neighbouring country that it is not a signatory to, and thus derives no right from, the 1947 Paris Peace Treaty,” it added.

    Earlier in the day, Turkey’s foreign ministry claimed in a press release that the 1947 Paris Peace Treaty “prohibits all types of military training activities on Rhodes Island, which was ceded to Greece by Italy on the condition that it would be and remain demilitarized,” adding that this means the exercise is a “clear violation of international law”.
    (Source: AMNA)



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