Innovative Greek Start-Up Bridges China’s Online Travel Agents with Greece, Europe

A new innovative start-up has created a platform that provides B2B services and aims to be the bridge between China‘s major online travel agents and tourism businesses in Greece and Europe.

Toorbee is the first Greek company specializing in B2B services. It was founded by two brothers, Giorgos and Nikos Papachristos, who saw the great potential of booming Chinese tourism in Greece and Europe.

Through partnerships with small and medium-sized tourism businesses, Toorbee is linked and already provides China’s major online travel agents with the distribution of “in-destination” services to popular destinations in Greece and Europe. Services include, but are not limited to, transportation, guided tours, day trips, dining and discount coupons for shopping.

The initial investment was made by the Papachristos brothers and a Chinese investor. Soon afterwards, Toorbee raised 350,000 euros from investors from China, Russia, Europe, Brazil and Greece and is preparing for another round of venture capital funds from both Greece and abroad.

Toorbee, through its unique technology solutions, offers small and medium-sized tourism businesses the ability to develop targeted audiovisual material for their services at a very low-cost.

The main priority of Toorbe is the lucrative Greek tourism market, but the company also provides services to the wider South East Mediterranean region and Europe, as it is cooperating with travel agents from five European countries.

According to estimates from China, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Greece on an annual basis may rise from 150,000 today to 1,500,000 tourists in the next five years. Since 2015, Chinese visitor arrivals to Europe have surpassed those of U.S. tourists.


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