Migrant Inflow to Greece on the Rise

In the past 24 hours, Chios saw 252 migrants arriving, a Frontex ship rescued 49 migrants off Lesvos, while the Hellenic Coast Guard rescued 15 people off Kalolimnos islet.

According to the national coordinating body for refugees, 2,324 migrants and refugees are on Chios, with 2,074 of them staying at the ELVIAL registration center which has a capacity of 894.


Boat with 310 Migrants from Turkey Stopped on Way to Greece

Turkish authorities announced that on Friday a boat carrying 310 migrants had been stopped from crossing the Aegean Sea to reach Greece.

The Turkish Coast Guard said the migrants were stopped while travelling in a fishing boat south of the Dardanelles in western Turkey.

According to the coast guard, the passengers included 110 Syrians, 179 Pakistanis and Afghans, along with Indian, Sri Lankan, Somali and Iranian nationals.

Seven Turkish and two Belarusian nationals also aboard are thought to be migrant smugglers.



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