Caviar Made in Greece Makes Breakthrough in European Markets

Excellent quality caviar; produced in Epirus, north-western Greece, is the only enterprise of its kind in the country.

A company called Thesauri, of the meat production and processing VIKI Group, has pioneered sturgeon farming and caviar production in Greece.

It produces approximately three tons of caviar per year, with main export markets located mainly in Germany.

Annual turnover is 1.0 million euros, with a goal of reaching 4.0 million euros in the next three years.

Following much testing and experimenting, the management team concluded that the sturgeon can easily adapt to the climatic conditions found in Greece.

In fact, according to ancient texts, the Greeks were very familiar with sturgeon, and appreciated the value of its eggs.

They bay of Amvrakikos has been chosen to build ultra-modern facilities, ensuring the endless supply of crystal-clear, high-quality water, which in turn makes for ideal breeding conditions.

In its facilities, there are large pools where various sturgeon species swim, some of which are enormous in size.

Among them is the rarest species of sturgeon; the beluga, a huge and late-maturing fish that can live for 118 years.

In collaboration with Russian experts and after ten years of investment and effort, Thesauri; that comes from the Greek word “thisavros” which means treasure, has managed to become a highly-acclaimed pioneer in sturgeon harvesting and caviar production.


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